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  • Cormac na Haoine MacCarthy Reagh, 10th Prince of Carbery — Carbery in Tudor times Cormac na Haoine (Irish: Cormac na Haoine Mac Carthaigh Riabhach) (1490–1567) was the 10th Prince of Carbery from 1531–1567.[1] He belonged to the MacCarthy Reagh dynasty.[2 …   Wikipedia

  • Дни недели — Названия дней недели с римского периода были, с одной стороны, связаны с названиями семи планет классической астрономии, а с другой стороны, первым днём недели считалось воскресенье. Обе эти системы были приняты во многих языках, за некоторыми… …   Википедия

  • Weekday names — Days of the week redirects here. For the song by Stone Temple Pilots, see Days of the Week (song). The names of the days of the week from the Roman period have been both named after the seven planets of classical astronomy and numbered, beginning …   Wikipedia

  • Donal MacCarthy Reagh, 9th Prince of Carbery — Donal MacCarthy Reagh (Irish: Domhnall Mac Carthaigh Riabhach) (1450/60–1531) was the 9th Prince of Carbery from 1505 to his death in 1531.[1] He belonged to the MacCarthy Reagh dynasty,[2] and was the son of Finghin MacCarthy Reagh, 8th Prince… …   Wikipedia

  • Owen MacCarthy Reagh, 12th Prince of Carbery — Carbery in Tudor times Owen MacCarthy Reagh (Irish: Eoghan Mac Carthaigh Riabhach) (1520–1594) was the 12th Prince of Carbery from 1576 to 1592.[1] He belonged to the MacCarthy Reagh dynasty …   Wikipedia

  • Knocknaheeney — Knocknaheeny or Knocknaheeney ( ga. Cnoc na hAoine, Friday s Hill ) is a suburb of Cork located north of the River Lee on hills overlooking the city] . it is famous (locally) for its many colourful characters and unmistakably strong Cork accent.… …   Wikipedia

  • Ирландский календарь — Календарь Данные о календаре Тип календаря Солнечный Календарная эра Вставка високосов Другие календари Армелина · Армянский: языческий …   Википедия

  • O'Donovan family — Ó Donnabháin Country Ireland Ancestral house Ceinél Laippe [1] (Uí Ímair)?(see below) Mac Carthaigh (mat.) …   Wikipedia

  • Domhnall na g-Croiceann — Carbery in Tudor times Donal of the Skins or Hides (Irish: Domhnall na g Croiceann), also called Peltry O Donovan or simply Donal I O Donovan (Irish: Domhnall Ó Donnabháin), was The O Donovan Mor, Lord of Clancahill from his inauguration with the …   Wikipedia

  • Donal III O'Donovan — (Irish: Domhnall Ó Donnabháin), The O Donovan of Clancahill, born before 1584, was the son of Helena de Barry [1] and Donal II O Donovan, The O Donovan of Clancahill. From the inauguration of his father in 1584 to the date of his own accession to …   Wikipedia

  • Donal II O'Donovan — Domhnall II Ó Donnabháin Lord of Clancahill, The O Donovan Flatha O Donovan Father Donal of the Skins …   Wikipedia

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